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Client Support

We’re driven by our clients and committed to your firm's success. At Data Fusion Technologies, we’re all about supporting you and your firm to get the most out of your Intellistat and Randy Steere solutions and your effort to maximize profitability.

We're passionate about your firm's success

The DFTech Client Support team is always available to answer questions, solve problems, keep your systems humming, and to help you maximize the return on your investment.

Product Upgrades & Ongoing Updates

We're constantly working to further enhance and empower your Intellistat and Randy Steere product experience. As an active client in good standing, you are entitled to all our enhancements, fixes, and new releases for licensed applications. Be sure you're taking full advantage of the updates we deliver.

Product Support

As an active DFTech client, you have unlimited access to our Client Support team via email or phone (888-926-9220). Our technical support professionals will help you resolve problems, facilitate changes, answer your questions about features and product capability, or provide assistance with more complex tasks such as data center moves, mergers, and system upgrades.

Once you submit a case to us, our talented triage team will perform a detailed review of your issue, assess relative severity, and respond appropriately. Our initial communication back to you will be one or more of three distinct responses - a solution to your concern, a request for more information, or at a minimum an acknowledgment of your issue until sufficient research may be completed. For more complex resolutions, our support team leverages the expertise in all areas of the DFTech family, including development, implementation, and consulting resources.

Mission Critical: 24 x 7 Data Warehouse Monitoring

For clients running Intellistat applications that refresh overnight, DFTech provides 24x7 monitoring of your Data Warehouse to ensure a clean refresh, every time. When incidents occur (such as server reboots, maintenance window interruptions, timecard corruptions or network hiccups) our team notifies your team via e-mail, diagnoses the situation, and in most cases, resolves the issue and recommences your refresh process before you even arrive at the office in the morning.

Intellistat Administration Service

DFTech’s Intellistat Administration Service is an annual subscription that allows DFTech to become the firm’s internal helpdesk for all Intellistat-related support. During the subscription period, all change requests will be routed to DFTech, which will immedidately be picked up and responded to by our entire client services team. You’ll have subject matter experts supporting your day-to-day usage of the system, thereby maximizing your return on investment in Intellistat.

Examples of just a few of the services included are: remote user training, user/group and demographic setup and maintenance, statistic creation and maintenance, menu additions, shortcut creation, ad hoc report creation, portal integrations, manual postings, data loads, monthly allocation processing, budget year roll-overs and much more.

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“Dorsey & Whitney is pleased to extend our relationship with DFTech through the adoption of Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting software. We’ve used their Analytics package as well as their Financial Reporting tool extensively for a number of years. The support and customization DFTech has been able to provide have made these tools invaluable for providing access to, and understanding the many complex metrics our firm tracks. Based on the success of the Analytics and Financial Reporting packages here at Dorsey, it was only natural that we looked at their Budgeting & Forecasting software when we decided to implement a new firm-wide budgeting solution. Upon review, it was evident that DFTech did their homework. The ability to aggregate a large number of departmental budgets into a central point as well as work in both domestic and foreign currency was critical. DFTech met this challenge.”

Robert “Skipp” Swayze, CFO
Dorsey & Whitney
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