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Steere Product Family


PrebillManager has a well-known track record of helping firms electronically streamline the bill editing process. Bills go out the door faster which allows cash to come in faster. PrebillManager is fully integrated with Aderant Expert®, Rippe & Kingston® and Lawtime® and attorney and biller features are easily configurable/customizable to meet your firm's needs. Advanced features can be turned on at any time, when the firm is ready. PrebillManager has revolutionized how firms manage the billing process, greatly increasing the efficiency and the quality of edits.

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AlertManager is a revolutionary product that disseminates notifications either via e-mail or completely outside of e-mail. Alerts can be derived from just about any system, and its integration is not limited to DFTech products. AlertManager includes advanced formatting capabilities to make your alerts stand out and be easily read, and has advanced data handling features to allow one to collect information back from the end users.

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Executive Inquiries (EIS)

EIS is a desktop inquiry system comprised of three sections: Classic, Business Intelligence, and My Reports. Classic is a quick and easy summary level drilldown attorney-facing query tool. Business Intelligence (BI) is a robust ad hoc query tool. BI allows firms to quickly retrieve important firm metrics without having to involve their IT staff. My Reports brings Classic and BI together by creating predefined BI reports and deploying them to the attorney desktop.

EIS is often used during a merger to bring both firms’ systems together until a complete conversion can be scheduled. EIS has a very robust ad-hoc reporting tool with advanced abilities.

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BudgetManager is an effective business tool for streamlining the creation of matter budgets, tracking budget to actuals, profitability, alerts, data warehousing time history, and managing projects. BudgetManager is fully integrated with Aderant®, Elite Enterprise® and Elite 3E®.

Budgeting - Alernative Fee Arrangements, Versioning, Budget-to-Actuals, Gantt Chart, and Alerts are some key BudgetManager features.

Allocations - Allocations allow you to budget across periods of time to determine when various tasks might be billed. Periods may be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or life-to-date.

Legal Project Management (LPM) - Create and monitor milestones to be completed for each line item in a budget. Each milestone may be assigned to an individual with a deadline date. A status may be assigned along with a percent complete based on hours or percent of task, beginning date and completion date.

Pricing Analytics - A quick and easy method to look back at matter history to help determine what similar work would cost in the future.

Reporting - BudgetManager has a diverse variety of standard budgets-to-actuals reports. Reports are built in SSRS and can be customized by or for the firm.

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Report Manager

ReportManager is a report distribution utility that allows one to burst and deliver information in a wide variety of ways. Starting from a PDF that can be created from any source, ReportManager can burst or deliver the complete report intact, or it can deliver one or more reports as a report package to email, web site, SharePoint, file, etc.

Using ReportManager has been proven to shave days of time off your month-end and year-end report distribution processes, and will also save your firm the time and expense of printing and distributing reports manually. It is designed with a user-friendly interface to make the setup quick and painless.

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“The Intellistat data warehouse and reporting interface provides near real time access to financial information previously only accessible via custom SQL queries out of Elite. Information is easily accessible to both attorneys and administrative staff with limited application training required. Data Fusion has been a strategic partner with our Finance group in delivering a highly effective business reporting solution to support our growing business.”

Tom E. Turnbull, Director, Financial Analysis & Planning
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
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