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Intellistat Analytics
Centralized BI. Key Metrics. Refreshed Daily.

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Intellistat Analytics simplifies and accelerates your firm's performance management, inquiry, and reporting. It is a comprehensive, centralized business intelligence platform for users of the Elite (Enterprise and 3E) and Aderant billing systems. Intellistat Analytics was designed to meet the needs of large law firms that want fast access to key operating performance metrics such as:


  • Billing and Collections - Marketing
  • Profitability - Utilization
  • Realization - Origination
  • User-defined Metrics

Key Features

Features that make Intellistat Analytics the most comprehensive legal business intelligence tool:

Robust Data Warehouse - The Intellistat data warehouse was built with a culmination of over eight years of development effort and a combined forty years of financial system experience. Refreshed nightly, the warehouse provides month-end reporting capability every day. Offering firm-defined security, the warehouse resides on its own SQL Server database to lessen the impact on your operational system.

Multi-Contextual Analysis - Locate information in one context (for example, office or practice area) and then consider it in any other context (like region or department). With information presorted into contexts, any piece of information is immediately available and complex analysis is completed in minutes, not hours.

Reporting - in addition to the standard set of statistics, the reporting feature gives you the ability to create your own statistical measurements and create your own reports, which can be rendered in either PDF or Excel format.

Intelligence Drill-Down (IDD) - Unleashing the power of Intellistat Analytics, users can instantaneously access statistics through browser-based inquiry. Rapid drill-downs, from firm-level stats all the way down to individual invoices and timecards, replace key operational reports and procedures that used to take days to produce.

Partner Performance - Automate the management of individual performance by providing an interactive environment that can be used for referencing performance metrics of an individual Partner, Shareholder, Partner Candidate, or even an Associate.

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“Michael Best was interested in both a budgeting as well as financial reporting tool. We ultimately selected two modules from DFTech’s Intellistat software portfolio. It was clear that Intellistat was designed to address the specific needs of law firms. The budgeting software allows many external managers to contribute to a centralized process which simplifies creation of the firm’s yearly budget. The financial reporting package allowed us to replace outdated and unsupported FRx software. The built in conversion utility within financial reporting made quick work of converting existing reports so that we did not need to build all from scratch. The overall look and feel was very similar to FRx which allowed our users to quickly adopt the new software."

Dave Lentz, COO
Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
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