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Intellistat Product Family

products.jpgIntellistat Analytics

Intellistat Analytics is a comprehensive, centralized business intelligence platform for users of the Elite (Enterprise and 3E) or Aderant billing systems. It was designed to meet the needs of large law firms that want fast access to key operating statistics from all of the primary functional areas including Productivity, Billings and Collections, Profitability, Originations, Realization and a nearly unlimited number of User-Defined Statistics.

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Compatible with Elite 3E, Elite Enterprise, and Aderant Expert

Intellistat Dashboards

product-pie.jpg Provide greater visibility to the key performance metrics that are most important to your firm with Intellistat Dashboards. Not all users enjoy consuming rows and columns of numbers, but rather appreciate graphical representations of the key, actionable metrics important to them. Intellistat Dashboards may be used as a portal that then interacts with the detailed, underlying data to give Partners, firm leadership and other stakeholders a high-level overview of KPIs, coupled with the ability to quickly and easily drill into the details.

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Compatible with Elite 3E, Elite Enterprise, and Aderant Expert

Intellistat Profitability with Allocations

Report on Profitability at any level (such as Firm, Practice, Office, Client, Matter, Partner or even Timekeeper) with Intellistat’s Profitability module. Our comprehensive Allocations module gives your firm the freedom to allocate labor costs and overhead, calculate and analyze profitability your way – no two firms are alike in this regard. Eliminate “black holes” of profitability or its drivers; eliminate distrust of confusing systems. Bring awareness and guide behaviors with Intellistat Profitability.

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Intellistat Partner Performance & Compensation Portal

Streamline your Partner performance review and compensation process with Intellistat’s Partner Performance Portal. Gone are the spreadsheets, binders and hours of preparation that are likely associated with your current process. Leverage Intellistat’s Analytics data to quickly and easily compare Partners and practices side-by-side, review multiple years of key metrics, drill into details such as client trends, and allocate points, bonuses and compensation all in one interactive portal.

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Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting

Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting is the first budgeting and forecasting application originally created to solely support the budgeting process for professional services and legal firms. The application’s unique approach to budgeting allows firms the ability to completely personalize the business rules inside the budgeting system so that your firm operates “your way”,  not “ours”. From Resources and Revenue (cash or accrual based), to Operating Expenses and Capital Expenses, Intellistat Budgeting and Forecasting meets the demands of today’s law firm.

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Compatible with Elite 3E, Elite Enterprise, and Aderant Expert

Intellistat Financial Reporting

Intellistat Financial Reporting meets the complex financial reporting requirements of your firm. Firms currently using FRx are able to have existing reports seamlessly converted and replicated (including tree structures and drill-down capabilities) in Intellistat Financial Reporting. Users utilize our Report Designer tool to quickly and easily develop custom reporting, income statements, balance sheets, variance reporting and trial balances, then disseminate those reports via a robust security model.

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Compatible with Elite 3E, Elite Enterprise, and Aderant Expert

Intellistat Matter Planning & Pricing

Intellistat Matter Planning & Pricing is designed to help legal professionals better plan, manage, and monitor specific engagements, especially those classified as Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs). Intellistat’s Matter Planning & Pricing application leverages historic performance metrics to help legal professionals build matter budgets, create and compare multiple pricing scenarios, track budgets to actuals and alert stakeholders when certain criteria have been met or exceeded.

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Compatible with Elite 3E, Elite Enterprise, and Aderant Expert

Intellistat Enterprise Subscription

DFTech’s Intellistat Enterprise license allows your firm full use of the entire Intellistat suite of software solutions including:

  • Analytics with Profitability and Dashboards
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Matter Planning & Pricing
  • Financial Reporting

…all for one annual fee, inclusive of license and maintenance. Implementation is additional and occurs based on a firm’s preferred timeline.

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DFTech is proud to welcome McCarter & English LLP as our newest Matter Planning &Pricing client. McCarter also uses DFTech’s Intellistat Analytics as well as Budgeting & Forecasting.

McCarter & English LLP selects DFTech’s Matter Planning & Pricing application to improve matter profitability. McCarter & English LLP, one of the nation’s leading firms, will be implementing DFTech’s latest offering to support the firm’s efforts to plan, price, and track critical client matters.

“We evaluated all the latest matter planning solutions developed for the legal market.  We selected DFTech based on their ability to provide the best mix of comprehensive matter planning and pricing functionality, combined with ease of use to allow us to introduce the tool not only for the use of financial analysts but attorneys as well”

Mike Leonardi, CFO
McCarter & English LLP
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