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Intellistat Financial Reporting
Rapid Deployment. Intuitive Design. Secure Distribution.

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Intellistat Financial Reporting meets the complex reporting requirements of your firm. Whether viewing a financial statement or understanding the reasons behind increasing profits, Intellistat Financial Reporting provides the exact information you and your teams require.

Key Features

info-report.pngFeatures that make Intellistat Financial Reporting the most effective reporting tool:

Report Types:

  • Snapshot - Ideal for frequency-based reporting (weekly, monthly, yearly) and historical archiving, snapshots provide stable financial reporting at a specific point in time and render to your preferred format quickly. Create snapshots manually or automatically.
  • Live Data - Access up-to-the-minute reports for select financial periods and detail levels. Live data pulls its underlying data from the financial system on demand, and requires slightly more system resoures and time to display or export than Snapshots.
  • Working - View and modify reports for iterative development and refinement before publication. A special version of a Live Data report, Working reports are available to designated users.
  • Custom - Integrate any custom SSRS-based reports not created through the Intellistat Report Designer into the Intellistat Financial Reporting Web Portal, providing a single application for your reporting needs

One-Touch Exports:

  • Excel - Export reports to Excel and optimize formatting and usability. Reports will render into worksheets within an Excel workbook with a hyperlinked cover sheet and named tabs.
  • Fit-to-Width Options (PDF & Print) - Create reports that look as good on paper or PDF as they do on screen. Gone are the days of what you see is what you get. Report Designer's fit-to-width options optimize reports for both the computer screen and print/PDF. Specify a single page width or multiple pages. Intellistat Financial Reportin handles the formatting so you can focus on the financials.


Intellistat Financial Reporting fully integrates with your Active Directory security system, supporting group-based security and passing logon credentials to SSRS to fully utilize access security. Intellistat Financial Reporting then goes further to allow organizational data level security based upon your reporting units. This reduces the number of reports required to support complex organizations by "bursting" reports based upon individual organizational rights.

Configurable Interfaces:

  • Navigation - The Intellistat Financial Reporting portal provides navigation options for every function: Report Designer, Report Delivery, and optional Report Queue Management. Each navigation item is secured by specifying the Active Directory group(s) allowed access. Unavailable options are not visible.
  • Report Menu Options - In addition to restricting report availability to specified users or groups through SSRS access security, Intellistat Financial Reporting provides configuration options for each report type: Snapshot, Live Date, Working, and Custom.
  • Report Menu Appearances - Intellistat Financial Reporting respects your corporate culture by allowing phrase-based information displays in both the menu and portal headers. This enables you to specify how content appears within the report menu and tooltips. What's more, Intellistat Financial Reporting simplifies navigation through the SSRS report folder structure by allowing Snapshot, Live Data, Working, and Custom reports to co-exist in the same menu folder, making your reports easier to locate.

Automation (Queue Manager):

  • Report Sets - Report Sets are groups of reports defined within the Report Designer and provided to the Queue Manager for scheduling. Easily schedule standard reports by specifying the set rather than each report.
  • Report Queues - Report Queues create and deliver Snapshot reports according to your schedule. This "set-and-forget" feature ensures users will have their reports on time and you can actually take that vacation.
  • Report Selection - For each queue created, select any published reports or report sets to be included when the queue executes.
  • Delivery - When a Live Report is executed or a Snapshot created, it will be delivered to the specified location within Intellistat Financial Reporting. Each queue also can override the default delivery location and deliver all of the reports to the location specified in the queue.
  • Financial Period - Reports are defined with default financial periods; however, each queue can override the default and create Snapshots for all reports within the queue for the period specified.
  • Scheduling - By scheduling the bulk of your financial report creation, you can better utilize your system resources and have reports available on schedule. Queues offer extensive scheduling flexibility: choose monthly, weekly, daily, and one-time schedules, as well as specific days or weeks.

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