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Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting
Fully Web-based. Multi-leveling Budgeting. Robust Security.

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Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting transforms a law firm's annual budgeting process from a disruptive, time-consuming chore, to a routine and productive process.

Disbribute browser-based budget entry screens throughout the firm while maintaining the data integrity of a centralized database. Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting's unique design allows for the most detailed entry of budgeted information while still affording your firm the ability to aggregate and report on each budget at any dimension (Firm, Office, Department, Practice Group, Business Unit Project, or Timekeeper) in real time.

Key Features

Features that make Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting the most effective budgeting tool:

info-budget.pngEmployee Expense Modeling - A firm can dictate the calculation formulas and application rules based on the configuration of their business. This flexible modeling engine allows for an indefinite number of financial calculations to be created and applied to the firm's budget process. With automatic access to employee profiles (general assumptions and demographics), calculating expenses is quick and accurate. Users have the ability to update expense types and expenses rules and groups, enabling the ability to immediately calculate/recalculate expenses for all employees within the firm.

Employee Revenue Modeling - Revenue computation is what makes Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting unique to the market. Much like the Expense Modeling functionality described above, revenue can be modeled in a similar fashion. As a rule of thumb, if the firm can create a spreadsheet to support the revenue compilation, it can be supported in Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting.

Account Budgeting - Get immediate access into account level information to help plan for costs such as rent, marketing, office expenses, capital expenditures, and depreciation. Automating the process, the program quickly aggregates data and offers access into the budgets by either viewing through selective filters or by drilling into various segments.

G/L Inquiry - This customizable feature provides G/L transactions and batches subtotaled, filtered, and sorted by segments or vendor. At a transaction level, views can be grouped any way you like, limited to one or more segments and/or sorted by any column. You can then drill into transactions to see their components parts, be it checks, vouchers, or general ledger entries.

Reports - Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting offers a variety of reports to assist in breaking down and analyzing your budgeting data. Reports are dynamic, support drill-down capabilities, and can be exported to PDF and Excel. They also supply quick links that can immediately take a user from a report into the corresponding data entry screen, enabling instant adjustments or views for more details.

Customization & Security - Flexible and configurable, the program can store custom reports and procedures unique to an individual firm. Access into data and views can also be customized through user segment security. Specific users and/or groups can be set with limited views or granted full access depending on permission rights.

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“The Intellistat data warehouse and reporting interface provides near real time access to financial information previously only accessible via custom SQL queries out of Elite. Information is easily accessible to both attorneys and administrative staff with limited application training required. Data Fusion has been a strategic partner with our Finance group in delivering a highly effective business reporting solution to support our growing business.”

Tom E. Turnbull, Director, Financial Analysis & Planning
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
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