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Intellistat Matter Planning & Pricing
Intuitive Design. Role-based Experience. What-if Analysis.

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Intellistat Matter Planning & Pricing enables your firm to easily plan, track, and analyze matter budgets to optimize profitability. Intellistat Matter Planning & Pricing's sophisticated user-centric dashboard, what-if scenario modeling, and budget tracking enable financial professionals, practice managers, and attorneys to effectively manage the most important drivers of profitability for the firm--pricing strategy and staffing  methodology. info-matter-planning.png

  • Create and model client, opportunity, or matter-level projects and budgets
  • Track and manage project budgets against actual costs
  • Push profitability analysis down to individual scenarios

Key Features

Investigate these features of Intellistat Matter Planning & Pricing:

Personalized User Experience:

  • Visualizations - A catalog of charts and graphs are displayed for the user based on his/her role in the firm. Hover over statistics in the chart/graph to drill into additional detail.
  • Business Intelligence Grid - The BI grid displays a list of accepted opportunities with their demographics and key financial data. Expand the records to display all related scenarios. Use the grid to easily modify budgets from the “top-down” or the “bottom-up”
  • Secure Information - Ensure your users are only seeing the metrics you need them to see for the opportunities and budgets for which they are responsible.


Alerts are configured to highlight matters needing attention and are designed to check matter data firm-wide, by practice area, or down to the matter level. Displaying as a red flag on your dashboard, alerts are easy to see and act upon. Click an alert record to open it in a new tab for further analysis. Don’t want to have to enter the application to get your alerts? No problem, turn it in a “push” notification by having it sent directly to the recipient’s inbox.

Configurable Interfaces:

  • Budget Scenario Options - Make settings about how to handle rates; what to do about retired/ former timekeepers; and what information displays from your financial system during budget creation.
  • Budget Details Screen Options - Determine the fields that display on the screen as well as the valid options that display for demographic lookups such as office, section, and department.
  • Key Financials Page Appearance - Adjust settings concerning the fields and columns to display the field labels (such as Leverage Ratios and Realization); and the formulas used to calculate the figures that are displayed.

Creation Wizard:

  • Opportunity Demographics - Enter general information about the opportunity such as its name or description, the client associated with the opportunity, and attorneys who are assigned to it.
  • Scenario Properties - Set specific properties for the scenario such as the type of fee arrangement with the client, whether you're entering fixed expenses or offering a discount, at what level (resource, period, phase, task) you are setting up the budget scenario, and any fixed fee amounts if it's a fixed fee opportunity.
  • Scenario Modeling - Indicate if the scenario will be developed from scratch, from a template, or if it will be modeled after one or more historical matters. If you choose to model the scenario after historical matters, you can search for them. Worried about using an old matter as a template for modelling a new engagement ? No problem- historical data can be pushed forward using the firm’s current rate/cost structure allowing you to focus on the proper staffing ratio and pricing strategy.
  • Review - Review all of the information you entered about the opportunity and the initial scenario before you click Finish to save it. If necessary, return to any screen that needs to be edited.

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"One of our top priorities is to provide web based financial information and tools to users throughout the Firm. IntelliStat gives us the ability to address this."

Morrison & Forester, LLP
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