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Agenda and Session Listing

The official session-topic listing of over 40 sessions has been released!  Keep checking back to this page as more session details will continue to be released in the coming weeks.   Here is the current session catalog to be offered during this 3 day learning event.  If you don't see a session topic you may have been hoping would be offered, please let us know by sending an email to

Newimages.png  Click here to download a full PDF curriculum listing (with full session descriptions)

Product sessions (for both Intellistat and Steere Products) in lecture and hands-on  formats:

Automating the Partner Performance, Compensation and Review Process

Presented by David Hang

Do you find yourself starting the review process weeks or months in advance by preparing binders or elaborate spreadsheets of current and past partner performance, and struggle to keep the data in them updated and accurate? This session will illustrate how you can alleviate that burden by eliminating the paper trail altogether. We will demonstrate historical trending analysis that the partners themselves can view, qualitative assessments that can be completed online and a highly comparative tool for firm management and the compensation committee to leverage.

Unique Ways Firms Use PrebillManager

Presented by Lynne Saffa

We will highlight the many bells and whistles of PrebillManager that firms use to help their attorneys, assistants, and billers streamline the prebill process. Streamlining the process means bills are out the door faster and money is in the door sooner. The opportunities are almost endless.

Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for Leveraging AlertManager

Presented by Don Rice

In this session, we will walk through the key functionality of AlertManager, highlighting its capabilities in supporting the firm’s financial management, data distribution and risk management strategies. We will also highlight key capabilities including invoice distribution to clients and dashboard reporting.

Communicating Matter Performance by Leveraging Intellistat Matter Planning & Pricing

Presented by Allen McPheeters

Intellistat Matter Planning & Pricing has several ways to let your attorneys know how their matters are performing. We will take you on a guided tour of site alerts, triggered and scheduled e-mail alerts, watch lists, and SSRS reports that can help you keep your matters on track.

Data Mining with Intellistat Reporting and AlertManager (Hands-On)

Presented by Ray Conti and Bernie Hui

Learn how easy it is to create reports and inquiries without needing the special report-writing skills normally attributed to traditional reporting applications. Select multiple data types, apply data filters, create shortcuts and alerts for firm-wide data distribution with IS Reporting and AlertManager.

Financial Report Creation and Distribution (Hands-On)

Presented by Jim Hearn

Learn how to easily create financial reports using Intellistat Financial Reporting. This hands-on session will focus on leveraging shared components (row sets, column sets and tree sets) as a means to streamlining report creation and distribution.

Focusing on Forecasting

Presented by Emily Hartwig

This hands-on session will teach you the basics of creating a forecast and importing general ledger revenue and expenses. We will dive into the details of how to import and update employee metrics and how they will (or could) affect the open periods of the budget. Best practices for keeping the process clean (and simple!) will be discussed.

Deployment and Adoption Strategies for Intellistat Analytics

Presented by David Hang and Tracey Sherwood

Change is hard. Cultural change in a law firm is even harder. This session will highlight ideas, views and approaches to an Intellistat Analytics deployment, from shortcuts to dashboards to end user training, rollout and distribution. This session is co-presented with a boots-on-the-ground approach from the perspectives of both an implementer and a firm stakeholder. It will also include an open forum for others to share how they are using Analytics, what features, functions and views their users like, how they deployed Analytics to their users and lessons learned.

Introduction to the NEW Intellistat Application Portal

Presented by Lisa Tauchi

This session will provide an overview of the new Intellistat Application Portal as it relates to the Intellistat Analytics nightly refresh and Matter Planning Data Migration. We will demonstrate how the Application Portal can also run jobs and procedures outside of Intellistat products, such as SQL stored procedures and SQL jobs, and we will preview future development ideas including merging other data delivery tools into the Application portal, such as Intellistat Analytic Dashboards and Intellistat Financial Reporting queues.

Deployment Strategies and Best Practices for Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting

Presented by Allen McPheeters

What are other firms doing with Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting? How does Data Fusion recommend using this module? We will review strategies around deployment, delegation of budgeting authority, employee compensation and revenue modeling, variance analysis and reporting and starting a new budget season.

Introduction to Designing Financial Reports

Presented by Jim Hearn

Navigate, create and edit presentation quality financial reports in Intellistat Financial Reporting. Create reports for multiple reporting units and in various formats and simplify the distribution of reports using reporting queues.

Refresher Training for Intellistat Analytics Administration

Presented by Phil Dearmore

This session will give a high-level overview of Intellistat Analytics administration, covering topics such as user and group security maintenance, changing the navigation menu and creating different views for different users/roles.

Matter Pricing, Budgeting and LPM: Different Approaches for Different Audiences

Presented by Lynne Saffa and Tracey Sherwood

The pricing and legal project management world is still evolving. Some firms are refining their processes, while others are in the early stages of determining what approach is best for them. In this session, we will take a look at how different firms and different consumers of matter pricing and profitability data impact the type of technology firms ultimately select to communicate the right data to the right people.

Refresher Training for Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting Administration

Presented by Emily Hartwig and Allen McPheeters

This session will cover several administrative features of the Budgeting & Forecasting module starting with the proper security setup for different users and roles. We will also discuss how to implement Virtual segments for the aggregation of business units and walk through proven methods for managing end-user variance reporting. The session will wrap up with a discussion on using custom procedures for “sky is the limit” functionality.

Integrated Rules in PrebillManager for Cleaner Bills

Presented by Lynne Saffa

Learn about the different types of rules that can be set up in PrebillManager and why they might be beneficial. We will also discuss how rules can help the firm comply with Outside Counsel Guidelines, deliver a cleaner bill to the client and prevent rejections from e-billing vendors.

Report Creation and Distribution Strategies with EIS and ReportManager

Presented by Don Rice

In this session we will demonstrate how to create and distribute custom reports utilizing EIS BI and ReportManager. The session will include overviews of EIS BI and the distribution capabilities of ReportManager.

Revenue and Expense Modeling Mechanics

Presented by Allen McPheeters and Jeff Suhr

The Expense and Revenue modeling features of Intellistat Budgeting and Forecasting allow you to quickly see the impact of adding, removing, or modifying employees on your annual budget. This session discusses and demonstrates how to manage and modify these models.

Sharing Matter Budget Metrics with Attorneys and Other Key Stakeholders

Presented by Lynne Saffa and Bernie Hui

This session will discuss various methods of sharing important matter budget metrics with attorneys, administrators, firm management, and clients, recognizing that different metrics will be relevant to different audiences. We will demonstrate how to use a combination of BudgetManager, SSRS and AlertManager to effectively deliver matter plan information.

Stretching the Limits of Intellistat Reporting

Presented by Ray Conti

Learn new ways to use IS Reporting to meet the unique reporting needs of your firm. Topics will include adding external tables, incorporating transaction level detail, adding/concatenating fields, report sorting and formatting and report distribution.

Under the Hood of Intellistat Profitability

Presented by Emily Hartwig

We will discuss the best practices for calculating profitability cost rates using Intellistat Profitability, including tips for

troubleshooting Excel imports and balancing techniques for cost allocations. Learn how to search for and fix timekeepers with irregular cost allocations and rates and review the “order of operations” required from start to finish to update and process new cost data.

Understanding Intellistat Database Structures and Schema

Presented by Jeff Suhr

Firms who implement Intellistat comment how the system becomes "one version of the truth" for information relating to Data Analytics, Profitability, Financial Reporting, Pricing and Budgeting. Even though the user interface makes it easy to get to that information, it is often necessary to go right to the data if you are writing a SQL query, SSRS report or doing an import into Excel. This session will provide an overview of the various Intellistat modules from a "database perspective". We will review database schemas, object naming conventions and design theory to help you understand where the data lives and how to get it quickly and intuitively.

Utilizing Utilities and Reports to Help Manage Your Budget Process

Presented by Emily Hartwig

This session will offer training on the Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting utilities used to generate various expense and revenue budget records. We will review proven methods for researching how employee budgets are generated, where they post to the General Ledger and handy tips to search for invalid postings in the budgeting model. Training on creating Account rollups for Actualand Budget summaries and variance reporting will be included.

Functional sessions (for both Intellistat and Steere Products) in lecture and hands-on  formats:

Change Management Challenges and Solutions

Presented by Randy Steere

Practically everything we do these days involves change and many become stressed out over it. This session will identify different approaches to change management and help identify ways to tailor your approach to the situation at hand. Arguably, the firm that can manage change most effectively is the one that will survive into the future and get the most ROI from its investments.

Keys to Successful Software Implementations

Presented by Don Rice

The session will address important factors for a successful software implementation. We will cover the fundamentals and best practices (and some lessons learned) we see successful firms follow from getting the project approved, defining requirements, implementation, testing, pilot and final deployment.

Best Practices, Tips and Gotchas for your Financial System Conversion

Presented by Randy Steere

Implementing a new Practice Management System is the largest, most complicated project the firm will undertake. Unfortunately (or fortunately from some perspectives), most firms and staff get to do it only once. Many people will say that they wish they could start over again with the knowledge they now have on go-live. This session will begin to tell you what you need to know to avoid the pitfalls and keep you out of trouble!

Utilizing Utilities and Reports to Help Manage Your Budget Process

Presented by Emily Hartwig

This session will offer training on the Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting utilities used to generate various expense and revenue budget records. We will review proven methods for researching how employee budgets are generated, where they post to the General Ledger and handy tips to search for invalid postings in the budgeting model. Training on creating Account rollups for Actual and Budget summaries and variance reporting will be included.

Data Management: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Presented by Don Rice

The session will review best practices in data management to improve overall quality. In addition to covering key topics we will demonstrate AlertManager showing how easy it is to use to support data management activities. Topics include: what is data management, the good, bad and ugly from experiences with working with firms, defining scope, identifying your critical data, and monitoring your data.

Defining the Best Partner Comp Cost Allocation Method for Your Firm

Presented by Emily Hartwig and Jeff Suhr

Learn about the various methods of allocating Partner compensation for purposes of assigning direct costs within a profitability model. Delve into various Partner compensation factors to answer the question of “What’s the right way?” to fully load Partner comp, while still generating useable cost rates for client and matter analysis. Discuss potential factors that could affect direct cost rates such as management & leadership responsibility, origination credit and retired Partner status.

Driving Data to Decisions: Managing the Firm Through Data Analytics (Panel)

Moderated by Jeff Suhr

As many Intellistat and Steere clients have come to realize, measuring the performance of your firm through the use of Business Intelligence and Analytics has become a primary benefit of both Intellistat and EIS-BI. This client-focused panel will highlight how firms have chosen to use this information as a part of their core management strategies.

Solving Business Challenges with Custom Applications and Programs

Presented by Bill Marquino and Bernie Hui

This session will focus on how to approach the creation of custom reports and programs. Some of the points discussed will be (a) when a custom report is appropriate; (b) how to keep the parameters as simple and intuitive as possible while still doing the job; (c) validation to catch potential user errors or issues; and (d) show all parameters on the report itself so users know exactly what they are looking at when the report is produced.

Technical Sessions in lecture and hands-on formats:

Introduction to SQL (Hands-On)

Presented by Allen McPheeters

SQL – Structured Query Language – is your key to retrieving data from your financial system’s database. This hands-on class will teach you to write simple SQL queries using SELECT, FROM, and WHERE, as well as the SUM function and GROUP BY. It also serves as mini-seminar in Intellistat database structure.

Additional Topics in SQL: Joins and Subqueries (Hands-On)

Presented by Allen McPheeters

The power of a relational database only comes into focus when you can get data from more than one table at a time. This session reveals how to do just that, using inner joins, subqueries and outer joins to get useful data from a variety of tables in the Elite, Aderant, 3e, Intellistat and/or EIS databases.

System Selection Decision-Making: Comparing Aderant and 3e Data Structures

Presented by Randy Steere

Between Elite Enterprise firms being encouraged to move to a new system and many of the smaller accounting packages being phased out, there are more firms needing to decide on a new financial management system than ever before. If you just talk to each vendor you will end up more confused than ever! This session will help you start to compare systems on an apples-to-apples basis and offer suggestions for an approach to comparison.

Understanding Aderant Table Structures (Hands-On)

Presented by Don Rice

As with any large, well-thought-out database, the key to understanding it is to understand the concepts and design approach that created it. This session will mine the best design concepts that are found throughout the database to help the user understand the beauty of the structure.

SQL Performance Tuning and Query Execution Plans

Presented by Phil Dearmore

Learn some of the fundamentals of writing a well-performing SQL query and understand what the query execution plan is trying to communicate.

Ways to Integrate Your Financial Systems with SSRS

Presented by Bernie Hui

Learn how to make delivery and access of SSRS reports easier for your users. We will provide an overview of the SSRS Web Service and show examples of how to embed it within intranet web pages, email alerts and financial applications. We will discuss how to prepopulate report parameters in the SSRS Web Service for targeted users while also reviewing SSRS security features.

Advanced Excel (Hands-On)

Meet the Experts sessions: 

Informal sessions with industry and product experts from DFTech to discuss your firms unique challenges & initiatives.

Functional Sessions in both Lecture and Hands-On formats:

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