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DFTech's professional services teams can assist you with a variety of Intellistat and Elite projects including:

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Our Intellistat team is 100% dedicated to ensuring that we meet or exceed our clients' expectations when you are deploying your new Intellistat solution.  We will meet with you in advance to review your information requirements, goals for the project, timelines, and resource constraints, and build a project plan that will outline exactly what to expect, and when.  The result will be what your firm requires, both in terms of the information delivered and the cost.

We employ the same principles when upgrading your current Intellistat solution to the very latest release.  We will make sure the process is smooth as can be, and that your firm will be able to take advantage of all new features and capabilities in the products.  After one of our upgrades, you will have a renewed sense of the value that DFTech's products and services can bring to your firm.

In addition to our Intellistat services, we can offer a wide variety of Elite services.  Custom reports, bill templates, and Elite customizations are just a few of the areas in which we can help.

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“Dorsey & Whitney is pleased to extend our relationship with DFTech through the adoption of Intellistat Budgeting & Forecasting software. We’ve used their Analytics package as well as their Financial Reporting tool extensively for a number of years. The support and customization DFTech has been able to provide have made these tools invaluable for providing access to, and understanding the many complex metrics our firm tracks. Based on the success of the Analytics and Financial Reporting packages here at Dorsey, it was only natural that we looked at their Budgeting & Forecasting software when we decided to implement a new firm-wide budgeting solution. Upon review, it was evident that DFTech did their homework. The ability to aggregate a large number of departmental budgets into a central point as well as work in both domestic and foreign currency was critical. DFTech met this challenge.”

Robert “Skipp” Swayze, CFO
Dorsey & Whitney
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