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Intellistat Dashboards

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Create graphical visualizations for you analytics solution that display the information most critical to your firm, your practice areas, and your attorneys the way you want to see it.

Intellistat Dashboards

Implementing Intellistat Dashboards is very simple.  First, our experts will meet with you to discuss your visualization requirements.  We will help you define which statistics and data are most important, and how you would like to see the data graphically (e.g., pie chart, bar chart, list, bubble chart, etc).  We will also work with you to define how many different visualizations you need, and who the audience is for each.  

We can tie one or more dashboards to specific groups of users, such as practice areas, offices, the executive team, or even individual attorneys.  You can have as many visualizations as you need on each dashboard, and you can have many different dashboards.  Once we have clearly defined all the requirements, we will build the dashboards and then deploy on your site for testing within 1-3 weeks (depending on complexity).

You will also have the ability to click on any chart and drill-down to a more detailed chart, or to the Intellistat data directly.  Security is tightly integrated to Intellistat, so users can access the all the data they need but nothing more.

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"We evaluated all the latest matter planning solutions developed for the legal market. We selected DFTech based on their ability to provide the best mix of comprehensive matter planning and pricing functionality, combined with ease of use to allow us to introduce the tool not only for the use of financial analysts but attorneys as well"

Mike Leonardi, CFO
McCarter & English LLP