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DF Tech Implementation Methodology

At the outset of the project, your firm will be assigned a project manager (PM).  The PM will be responsible for planning the implementation, scheduling status meetings, and coordinating the internal and external resources necessary to complete the implementation.  The PM will be your primary project contact during the implementation phase.

Key components of the implementation are:

Project Kickoff

Conducted either by telephone or on-site at your facility, the kickoff meeting formally initiates the system implementation. The project manager will lead an in-depth discussion with your staff in order to define their requirements of your Intellistat implementation including any potential customizations required.   A complete parameter requirements document is the key deliverable, along with a project plan that tracks budget to actual project hours, and documents the assigned resources, target dates, and completion dates for each task to be completed.   At the conclusion of the project kickoff, your team will have a single clear and shared understanding of both the process ahead of them and the expected outcome.

System Installation and Configuration

DFTech resources will be responsible for the installation of your Intellistat application in an environment designated and established by your firm’s IT team.  DFTech will ensure all the necessary components are in place and functional.  Following this, DFTech will configure all application settings, options, and customizations in accordance with the requirements defined as part of the Parameter Questionnaire during the project Kickoff Meeting.  Once the initial configurations are complete, a transfer of data from your financial (e.g, Eite Enterprise, 3E, or Aderant system will commence and the Intellistat database will be built.

Balance and System Test

Once the database has been populated, DFTech will confirm that the data ties out to the data in your financial system.   A thorough system test will then be completed to ensure compliance with the stated requirements prior to handing off the system to your firm’s project team for further testing.

User Acceptance Test

The objective of the User Acceptance Test (UAT) phase is to have your firm’s team validate the configuration of the system against the documented requirements.  Subsequent testing will further validate the accuracy and integrity of the data, and finally we will ensure the stability and error-free operation of the application.

Weekly meetings to dispose of any issues arising out of your UAT testing will be held. The DFTech team takes a hands-on approach during the UAT and ensures your project team is satisfied with the production-ready system.


Conducted either on-site or via web conferencing, DFTech personnel provide hands-on training in the use, administration, configuration and reporting aspects of the Intellistat application.  This course will provide your firm with all the tools and information needed to maintain the soon to be live application on an ongoing basis.  The course includes a review of key application documentation, hands-on teaching of critical functionality and extensive Q&A between your team and DFTech experts.


Our implementation professionals work with your project team to document the steps required to bring the application “live” within your organization.   Based on completion of the preceding project activity, the outcome is a seamless conversion from a test to live operating environment and from there through the initial rollout to firm user groups as determined by management.  Post Go-Live, the implementation will coordinate a transition to the Support/Operations team that handles the ongoing support of the Intellistat product suite.


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"We evaluated all the latest matter planning solutions developed for the legal market. We selected DFTech based on their ability to provide the best mix of comprehensive matter planning and pricing functionality, combined with ease of use to allow us to introduce the tool not only for the use of financial analysts but attorneys as well"

Mike Leonardi, CFO
McCarter & English LLP